The fastest and longest solo ride by motorcycle around the world ... 

In the past two years Grizzly has set a pair of distance riding world records on Victory motorcycles, and now he hopes to set the ultimate record on a Victory Cross Country: He’ll ride across all six continents - a solo ride (alone, no service crew following) of approximately 62'000 miles (100'000km) in 100 days to make his record virtually unbreakable. 

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Every continent will bring it's own challenges to the rider - from ice to sand, from frost to heat and from loneliness to crowded megacities. See where he is and be the first to know how he finds his way across our planet ... click on the banner to install the tracker on your mobile device or PC.

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Being on the road for 100 days and ride across all continents certainly will bring some surprises and interesting stories - to follow my blog just click on the slider.

For the latest updates see “Position & Progress” and the “Worldrace Blog”

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