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Daytona (USA) – Panama City (Panama)
us mx gt hn ni cr pa

 6’391 km
3’971 miles

completed26 days 14 hours


Bogota (Columbia) – Lima (Peru) – Santiago (Chile) – Osorno (Chile)
– Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina) – Ushuaia (Argentina)

co ec pe cl ar

 10’089 km
6’269 miles


9 days 23 hours



Ushuaia (Argentina) – Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina)
– Osorno (Chile) – Santiago (Chile)

ar cl

3’360 km
2’088 miles


2 days 23 hours


Sydney – Threeways – Port Augusta – Perth (Australia)



7’409 km
4’604 miles


6 days 5 hours


Cape Town – Johannesburg – Lusaka – Dodoma – Nairobi – Addis Abeba – Khartum – Cairo

za zw zm tz ke et sd eg

12’084 km
7’509 miles


13 days 23 hours

Tarragona – Gibraltar – Madrid – Nice – Monaco – Milano – Zurich – Calais – London – Antwerpen – Hamburg – Stockholm – North Cape
esp fra mc ita che gb be nl deu dk se  fi nor

 8’766 km
5’447 miles


6 days 23 hours


 North Cape – Rovaniemi – Санкт-Петербург – Москва – Уфa – Омск – Иркутск – Владивосток
nor fi ru

11’716 km
7’280 miles

completed211 days 7 hours


Gangneung – Seoul

400 km
249 miles



4 hours



Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur
my th my

4’810 km

completed25 days 11 hours


 Anchorage – Toronto – Chicago – Williams AZ – Santa Monica CA – Daytona Beach FL
us ca us

11’240 km


9 days 1 hour

Progress table is updated after the arrival of a next checkpoint only.


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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of bike is this?
A: The bike is a Victory Cross Country series model which has been specially adopted for long distance riding by Motostyling Zurich. Engine, gear, frame have remained untouched while other parts of the bike have been redesigned to fit the needs of long distance endurance rides.

Q: Are you racing/speeding on regular roads?
A: This is an endurance ride which balances mental and physical fitness of the rider as well as the bike and other resources in the optimal way to achieve the defined target. Racing/speeding would be the wrong tactics to achieve this.

Q: Looks like a distance – how far is it? How fast do you want to be?
A: The total distance will be aproximately 80’000 (50’000 miles)

Q: How is timing and tracking being done?
A: Time and position measurement are being done through GPS (local on the bike) and Satellite tracking (remote) – as a fallback rider and people at checkpoints confirm arrival status.

Q:  I see the rider/bike at the same location for some days – what is happening now?
A: Our logistics partner takes over coordination for the fastest route and transfer between the continents. However depending regulatory authorities in these countries and availablilty of freight flights the shipping and coordination may take some time.

Q: Why is the route changing?
A: There are some fixed waypoints to challenge existing records – however the route represented on the maps and plans published represents a planned route. Depending external influences like weather, availability of resources, political / social issues in countries, customs/border control/visa problems or simply because of race tactics the route can change at any time as long as these checkpoints are met. Such decisions are taken day by day and thus the graphical representations on this site are only for your general information purposes and will be updated in longer update cycles.


Where do we get daily info and pictures?

The worldrace blog contains all blog entries from MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGES from people all over the world to my DAILY RIDE SUMMARY  with all maps and streetview pictures.
When I or someone else in the team finds the time to keep you updated with short messages and pictures we post that as NEW RIDER BLOG.

The fastest way to the latest news is through the Worldrace Blog menu and then selecting the current continent … or see it all in my latest posts

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