Daytona Whisky

“Langatun Daytona Grizzly” — the whisky for the next World Record.

An exceptional performance has been accomplished — the next is yet to come.

Grizzly accomplished his second world record on motorcycle, after nearly two years of practice and preparations. He’s ridden 121’000 km in 119 days, crossing all continents on their longest axis under challenging and partially extraordinary circumstances. This wouldn’t have been possible without passion, iron will, necessary prearrangements and team support.

Grizzly’s victory was inspiration to the idea to celebrate the accomplished with something extraordinary. Therefore Gizzly’s chosen an old Swiss distillery to create a special whisky.

In 1857 Jakob Baumberger founded a distillery at his father’s farm. In 2007 master brewer and distiller Hans Baumberger the 3rd decided to continue the vision of his great grandfather. He created the hand-crafted “Langatun“ Single Malt Whisky and other top-class spirits.

In collaboration with master distiller Hans Baumberger Grizzly co-created his Daytona whisky. It took time, passion and the supervision of the master brewer for “Langatun Daytona Grizzly” to be created. The whisky is aged in an oak cask previously used for the maturation of French red wine from the Châteauneuf-du-Pape area. Daytona whisky has an intense auburn colour, nice flavours of wood and peat and the typical malty aroma with a slight touch of the taste of wine.

Connoisseurs and whisky lovers can enjoy this extraordinary liquor and support Grizzly’s next world record project with one of the 300 limited “Langatun Daytona Grizzly” bottles.

“Langatun Daytona Grizzly” whisky is available here or at Langatun.