BMW – The first brand of the Women’s World Record 2018

Reby and her BMW S 1000 R

As previously announced, Reby’s motorbike is a BMW S 1000 R. She was overjoyed to receive her desired bike, knowing that she will also get a full factory support of the MotoCenter Seetal AG.

Picture: Grisu Grizzly (left) and Rebekka Senger (right) with her new BMW S 1000 R

Last Saturday we have finalized the agreement with BMW, so we are happy to confirm that Reby’s bike for the world record attempt in 2018 will be a new
BMW S 1000 R.

This great bike will be modified to the BMW DAYTONA 4.4. Therefore, we will collaborate closely with the MotoCenter Seetal AG. We would take this opportunity here to thank our generous sponsor MotoCenter Seetal AG for their magnificent support and we look forward to continuing a pleasent cooperation.

Our 33 years old Reby from Switzerland will start into the race for BMW.

Accordingly, the Grizzly’s evaluation was made: Grizzly estimates the speed, willpower, experience, strength, agility and training sessions of each rider as follows:


This evaluation will be reappraised from time to time and gives you some insight. As Grizzly is an experienced rider and is obviously most familiar with the route of the upcoming Women’s World Record, he should be able to accurately assess the candidates and their competencies.

Wondering which route?
As you may know, one of Grizzly’s world records is the fastest journey around the world. Accordingly, the 3 riders will follow the route of Grizzly’s World Record 2014. Further information:

Welcome to the Women’s World Record 2018!