INDIAN – The second brand of the Women’s World Record 2018


We are more than happy and also proud to announce Faith’s new Indian Dark Horse. Even more spectacular is the fact that Faith – our amazing American rider – will sit on such a famous American motorbike!

Last week, Grizzly went to the U.S.A. to visit Faith and conclude the contract concerning her motorbike. Now, we can gladly present you her new motorbike from the renowned American brand Indian!

We are overjoyed that Faith’s bike for the world record attempt in 2018 will be a: INDIAN DARK HORSE
This great American bike will be modified to the INDIAN DAYTONA 6.6 by American Bikes AG and Grizzly Race Team. Furthermore, we also want to thank our generous sponsor AMERICAN BIKES AG SWITZERLAND for their huge support.

Our 44 years old Faith is an experienced rider from the U.S.A. and will try to win this race for Indian and America, of course! So, once again Grizzly’s evaluation was made to give you some insight. On the basis of her wide experience, our American rider is used to long distance rides and knows how to face new challenges. Moreover, she is highly motivated and wants to be empowered and prepared for this challenge.