Grizzly’s visit in Russia

It was all about having a good time – with great people – at an outstanding event – in a unique country – spreading our good news of the Women’s World Record 2018!

Grizzly has just returned from Russia where he visited Ksenya, our Russian rider, and all of his friends over there. Nevertheless, during his visit in Russia he was not only enjoying his time with some friends but was also given the honor of being part of the jury at a special traditional degustation event.

Not only popular Russian musicians attended the event but also Ksenya and many famous biker organizations from all over Russia. We are overjoyed to receive so much support of these awesome biker groups, as they even assured us to keep an eye on our three riders and help them in any uncomfortable situation during their ride through Russia.

Every year, this traditional Russian event is taking place in Saint Petersburg and Grizzly is proud to be the second foreigner who has ever earned the privilege to sit in the jury. Even though it was hard to keep up with the Russians, Grizzly managed to try and rate all these (legally!) home distilled vodkas.

Furthermore, Grizzly took this opportunity to present our spectacular Women’s World Record in 2018. They even created a Women’s World Record VIP area with flags and more. The huge amount of interest and positive feedback confirm that we were able to impressively announce this upcoming world record in Russia. Even more excited was Ksenya who tries to win this race for Russia, as she was clearly standing in the spotlight. With her positive and happy appearance and her strong will, she easily managed to win over the crowd.