DUCATI – The third brand of the Women’s World Record 2018

Ksenya’s bike: DUCATI SCRAMBLER 1100

Here we are at last – We are over the moon and unbelievably relieved to have finally fixed all three motorbikes and present you Ksenya’s new Ducati Scrambler 1100.

This weekend, Ksenya came to Switzerland and was finally informed about her bike for the Women’s World Record in 2018. It required a lot of patience because she had to wait a bit longer than our other two girls. However, it’s simply amazing to have 3 different brands for our 3 different riders and we are more than happy that Ksenya’s motorcycle for the upcoming world record attempt will be a: DUCATI SCRAMBLER 1100

This great Italian bike will be modified to the  DUCATI DAYTONA 5.5 by Ducati Zürich and Grizzly Race Team. Furthermore, we also want to thank our generous sponsor DUCATI ZÜRICH for their huge support.

Our 30 years old Ksenya is an experienced rider from the Russia and will try to win this race for Ducati and Russia, obviously! Therefore, Grizzly’s evaluation was made once again to give you an insight. Our Russian rider grew up with motorcycles and loves great speed. As she grew up in Russia, she is used to long distance rides and knows how to face challenges (whether ice and snow or rain and stormy wheater). Besides, she is prepared for this upcoming world record attempt and is more than willing to win this race.