Sibirian Taiga 2013/2014

Grizzly started his first expedition in Bern, Switzerland on Christmas Eve 2013 to test his stamina and see if he

Daytona Whisky

“Langatun Daytona Grizzly” — the whisky for the next World Record. An exceptional performance has been accomplished — the next

Daytona – One

Grizzly’s World Record motocycle. This Victory Cross Country bike was customized for long distances by Roli’s Motostyling in Switzerland. In

Daytona – Two

Daytona Two motorcycles are limited to five pieces worldwide. 01/05 and 02/05 have already been sold. If you are interested

Daytona – Three

Daytona Three is ready for the show. You can rent the worldwide one and only Daytona Three for your exposition