Tatiana Igushina – Team Russia “Lattesso Caffè”

Team Russia – “Lattesso Caffè”
Name: Tatiana Igushina
Age: 29
Driver for: Team Russia “Lattesso Caffè”
Main Sponsor: Lattesso Caffè
Private Sponsor: 
Basic Model: Ducati Scrambler 1100
Modified: Ducati Daytona 5
Bike Sponsor: Ducati Zürich
Starting point: St. Petersburg / Russia
More information about Tatiana:
Tatiana was born in Kazan and moved to Moscow when she was 17 years old. After learning Moscow’s circle streets and moto races she’s left the city round trips behind.  Since three years she’s participating in races among men and she’s winning medals. She’s riding Ducati Monster 626 limited edition, that she’s lovingly calling Pedro. Riding a bike means to Tatiana freedom, adrenalin, passion and speed. Adventures on motorcycle are always full of surprises and mean that everything can change within a heartbeat.