The Riders

Driver for: Russia
Name: Ksenya
Age: 30
Motorcycle: coming up soon!

More information about Ksenya:

I’m the happiest person on earth and the luckiest girl alive. I got lucky with my parents. I’m the only child in a happy, loving family. Both my parents are teachers. They taught me to live my life each single day as if it’s the last, acting like the whole world is in my hands. Being responsible for every step I take. I got lucky with my job – I work remotely and I can work from any spot in the world as long as I have internet. I have seen a lot already and I am very excited for all the things to come.

I’m lucky because I found myself.

The road is my life. I ride since I am 15 y.o. Almost every new place I discovered on two wheels. On all my motorcycles I rode over 300.000 km and I’m happy that there are many more to come.

I had to take two years break from riding due to an accident. Doctors had to puzzle my left leg from many pieces. 10 surgeries… Inadequate medical treatment… Even a suggestion to amputate… But I got lucky once again and I can walk, dance and ride again.

I got lucky with my friends – there are not many, but they are TRUE and waiting for me to return from each of my trips.

I got lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

24.000 km as quick as you can? Yes!
I love to ride fast and dare to state I can do it and do it well. I love to ride far and a lot. And the GrizzlyRaceTeam too..
I’m happy to be here and participate in the WWR and I’ll do what it takes to win!

Driver for: Switzerland
Name: Reby
Age: 33
Motorcycle: BMW S 1000 R; modified to BMW Daytona 4.4 

More information about Reby:

Driving a motorcycle has always been a part of our family. My first bike was a 1000er SV Suzuki. After that things took off. Many bike tours ended either at an event, somewhere under the sun or around a campfire! If I am not working, I can be found somewhere hanging out with friends, kayaking, climbing, horseback riding(less and less) or traveling. I prefer stability and old values are very important to me!

Driver for: United States of America
Name: Faith
Age: 44
Motorcycle: Indian Dark Horse; modified to Indian Daytona 6.6

More information about Faith:

I grew up the youngest of 8 children in a small rural town in Southern Illinois USA. I have identical twin sons. My husband, sons, and I all enjoy motorcycle riding.
I moved from Southern Illinois to Minnesota/Wisconsin 9 years ago to further my career. I am a Dealer Direct Rep for Kuryakyn which I thoroughly enjoy. If you want more on personality… I’m a bit of a smart mouth, and the master of one liners…lol. My coworkers all call my one liners “faithisms”. I have logged over 100,000 miles and have completed an unofficial Iron Butt (1,000 miles) ride.